Prime Edits

[50% Off Culling in June]


Let’s be honest, culling takes FOREVER, and getting around to it takes even more time.

Does this scenario sound familiar? You shoot the wedding or session. You dread culling for two weeks until you finally sit down and start weeding out the undesirable images. Two hours in, you’re tired of looking at the photos. You take another week break from that session until you take a whole day to sit down and cull through the entire set. 80% of photographers spend 2 weeks or more just culling the images.

Culling may be the most painstaking part of being a photographer. Going through thousands of images simply isn’t fun. Well, the good news is, you don’t have to cull. Actually, it’s better if you don’t.  If your client is waiting an additional few weeks to receive their images, you’re taking away from their excitement. 90% of clients spend more in post-session sales when seeing the images within two weeks of the session or wedding. Yeah, 90%. That means you’re losing money if you’re not culling sooner and faster.



Trust: This is why we assign you a personal editor!  Your editor works hard to learn your personal style so they can be your ideal wingman (or wingwoman).

Control: By letting us cull your photos it removes the attachment that you feel to some of the images, and your editor objectively can choose which images are the most impactful.

Cost: Think about how tedious and how much time you spend on this part of the editing process.

That’s why we are offering 50% off culling services on any job submitted during the month of June!

FUN FACT: Your editor can cull, color correct and do any additional edits in 5-business days OR LESS!



1. Shoot job

2. Submit job

3. Download completely culled and edited job

4. End of story