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How do I best submit my video to Prime Edits?

At Prime Edits we care most about editing to your style. That’s especially true for our video editing services. We have a variety of options and that can make it a bit difficult to choose which one fits your business the best. Here are some tips and tricks to submitting your video for editing:

Decide the length of your video.

Your video might only be three minutes long, or it might be an entire hour long. What have you done before?

If you want your video to be less than 15 minutes then you’re leaning towards the Creative Highlight as the best option..

If you want a video longer than 15 minutes then you’re leaning towards the Long Form video as the best option.

Decide what type of video you want.

Do you want a fast-paced video that will make you both cry AND laugh? Then the best option is the Creative Highlight.

Or do you want a long video with large sections of the ceremony (maybe the entire ceremony), the dances, the toasts, the cake cutting and the exit all stitched together in a nice chronologically ordered video? You may want a Long Form video if you recorded the main events with multiple stationary cameras.

The most common type of video is a Creative Highlight. Here’s an example of what that might look like:



Decide on add-ons.

If you want a Creative Highlight, but you also recorded the main events with multiple stationary cameras then you may want to add our Special Moments add-on to your order. We’ll send you a video of the main events in separate videos. Let us know which main events you need videos for in the job notes section when submitting.

Want to make tweaks on your own to the video when you receive the video back? Choose the Premiere Project add-on so you can make quick tweaks or add your special sauce and re-export on your end.

If you want to let go completely from the editing process you can even let us pick and license the music for you. Just choose the We Pick the Music option when submitting your video.



To see the pricing and breakdown of each type of video, head over to our Video Editing page!

Just a reminder, your personal editor will be available to guide you through the process if you find your self getting a little lost! Needing something custom? We can do that too. Contact us for more information.