Photo Editing

Let Us Edit Your Photos

Shoot more, edit less — it’s a pretty simple motto. With us doing your editing, you will not only save time and money, but you will be able to focus on your art.

You can sign up for an editing subscription to streamline your process or just submit jobs as needed. It is up to YOU!

Your Personal Editor

No matter your edit level, you will be matched with a personal editor. When you submit your job, your personal editor will schedule a call to make sure that they are editing your photos the way you want them done. This is the time to ask questions about specifics and pricing, and to work through whatever else you may need. Your Personal Editor edits to your style! You get one-on-one communication to the real human being that’s editing your photos. Once you become familiar with your editor and our process, this step will simplify over time.

Color Correction

$.22 per image


White balance

$.33 per image

Correct Plus

Standard +
Corrective Cropping (Straightening of obvious horizon lines and altar shots, and cropping out of lighting/gear)

$.44 per image

Prime Correct

Color Correct +
Dodge and Burn Image
Gradient and Radial Filters (when needed)
Compositional Cropping


$2.49 per image

Retouch Level 1

Full Color Correction
Slight skin smoothing
Minor blemish removal
General dodge and burn/background cleanup
Convert to Black and White.

$4.99 per image

Retouch Level 2

Retouch Level 1 +
Advanced skin smoothing
Moderate blemish removal
Minor backdrop cleanup and correction (includes minor stretching of backdrop to fill frame)
Refined dodge and burn
Eye and teeth brightening
Either a creative style (split toning, borders, color overlay, texture overlay, etc.)
OR removal of minor stray hairs

Beauty Edits

$9.99 per image

Beauty Edit Level 1

Chosen Color Correction +
Advanced Skin Smoothing
Major Stretching/Backdrop Filling on in-studio shots (may require plate shot of background)
Refined Dodge and Burn
Frequency Separation
Body and Face Liquification
Creative Style (split toning, borders, color overlay, texture overlay, etc.)
Stray Hair Removal
Braces Removal
Glass-Glare Removal (results may vary based on image and additional image may be required)

$13.99 per image

Beauty Edit Level 2

Beauty Edit Level 1 +
Advanced Hair Reshaping
Face/Garment Reconstruction
Head-Swaps (additional similar image(s) may be required)

$19.99 per image

Beauty Edit Level 3

Beauty Edit Level 2 +
Any other advanced and specific requirements for any of the beauty edit items

Composite Edits

$69.99 per image

Prime Edit

Full Color Correction
Multiple textures
Power line removal
Adding lens flare
Background reconstruction
Any other special requests

$99.99 per image


Full Color Correction
Full retouch of Subject
Dropping in Backgrounds
Lens Flares
Blending of Layers
Any and all inspiration welcome!


Fast Turnaround

We guarantee a 5 business day turnaround on jobs with more than 500 images. Jobs with 500 or less get a 3 business-day turnaround. You can get your photos as fast as 24 hours, it just costs a little more. Just think how happy your clients will be to get their photos back sooner!

Gallery Uploads

Take a step out of delivering your client's photos and have us upload your finished photos directly to your preferred online photo proofing site. (Ex. Zenfolio, ShootProof, PhotoBiz)


Cut down even further on your editing time by letting your editor pick your deliverable images. Your editor uses a 3-pass system to make sure the best set of photos are selected. Costs 5¢ per image submitted.

Photo Albums

We're already editing your photos, so why not have us create the right album design perfect for each of your clients? Choose from a variety of styles to best reflect your art.


This service is a win/win -- remove unwanted subjects from the background AND remove work from your already full plate! Costs $1.99 per image. Images with multiple subjects or complex backgrounds are subject to a higher cost.

Social Media

Whether you need us long term or just to get started, choose a plan that fits your business's needs. Give clients a reason to book by keeping your social platforms up to date– fresh with content showcasing the work you do, without having to do the extra work!

Feeling A Little Lost?

Not sure what you need? No problem! Your personal editor can help you dial in your needs so you don’t pay for more than you need to!

Not sure what some of this stuff means? Here is a glossary of the lingo that we use when referring to photo editing.