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Photo Editing Terms : Knowing What Your Editor is Saying

So, you decided to bite the bullet and finally outsource your editing!  You’ve probably already started thinking about what to do with all of the free time you will have.  Now if only you could make sense of all this jargon your Prime Edits editor is spewing at you so you can make sure that you are getting the results that you want.  Have no fear!   We want the process of outsourcing your editing to be a smooth as possible so we put together a glossary of terms and lingo that our editing team uses here at Prime Edits.


Dodge and Burn: Dodge = makes areas lighter, Burn = make areas darker. The overall goal of dodge and burn is to draw attention to the subject.

Cull/Culling: Have 1000 photos but need to cut it down to 500? That process is culling. Simply finding the best photos of the bunch. When we do culling for you, we do a first look, which we look for technicality, such as focus, lighting, and composure. Next do we a second look for open eyes and different composures and facials expressions.

Frequency Separation:  Allows your editor to retain texture in the skin of your subject while removing unwanted blemishes and wrinkles. This is great for close up portraits and commercial headshots where detail is important.

Skin Smoothing: Creates a softness to the skin. This is great for senior and bridal portraits.

Liquify: This is an umbrella term that includes editing  a subject for slimmer waistlines, smoothing body lines and appearance, arm slimming, removal of extra chins, etc.

Creative Styling: Make the image pop by adding lens flares, textures and creative coloring.

Basics Panel: The white balance (temperature and tint), exposure, contract, highlights, white, blacks.

Color Correction: This is what makes an image look as true to life as possible, telling it what is white in order to balance the image.

Smart Previews: A smaller file of your photos that provides enough information for editing without taking too long to upload/download. Super important when sending us your photos!

Lightroom Catalog: A database that tracks the location of our photos and information about them.

Noise Reduction: Image noise is a random variation of brightness or color information in images, and is usually an aspect of electronic noise. Image noise is an undesirable by-product of image capture that obscures the designed information. Noise reduction is a plug in we use to decrease the amount of noise that is visible in the image.

Camera Time Sync: Ordering the images from different cameras into chronological order.

Still don’t get it? No worries, it is a lot to figure out all at once.  Feel free to reference this handy dictionary or call/email your personal editor anytime that you have questions or don’t understand something.  We are here to help!