Prime Edits

Quick and Easy Album Design

Have you taken advantage of our album design services yet? Stop waiting! If you aren’t already offering albums as a product option to your clients, this is a great time to start! Already doing this on your own? Give yourself a break and let us do the work!  Hand your clients something they can treasure forever, without sacrificing any more of your time.

The process is quick and painless.

Simply upload your photos, choose from one of our three designs, and select your delivery method. In just three business days or less, you will have a custom album design waiting for you!



Modern Design

Great for wedding albums and trendier clients

Similar to our Simple album, but a few more images with a clean design

1-4 images per page

Simple Design

Great for Family or smaller sessions

White space and a simple look, highlighting the session favorites

1-2 images per page

Styled Design

Great for wedding albums and traditional clients

Complementary borders and background colors to encompass a theme

1-4 images per page



Pro Tip : Not only can you save time by having us design your album, but having us do your edits streamlines the entire process, leaving you with more time to do what you love!


Have any questions? Reach out and we will walk you through the process!