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Whoa, so you googled "photographers in my city" and you didn't even show up on the first page. No wonder no one is finding you! Google is the number one place people go to search for photographers and videographers. Showing up

2017 is here and if you don't already have a marketing plan in place you're behind the curve.  Here's what you need to do:   Find out what worked in 2016   Did your senior model program pan out? How about that wedding referral plan?

Let’s chat senior model programs. This is a subject that I get questions about often, and I’ll share with you what I’ve learned so far. I’m not an expert, and different things work for different people, but at least you

Let's be honest, culling takes FOREVER, and getting around to it takes even more time. So this is what happens: you shoot the wedding or session, then you go home and backup your images. You dwell about the culling for two

Facebook is an awesome platform for marketing your business. Reaching prospective clients, building brand awareness and booking clients directly from your Facebook page makes Facebook an indispensable advertising force. Here are 5 tips to maximize your Facebook marketing strategies, expand your audience