Video Editing

Let Us Do Your Video Editing

The demand for videographers continues to grow. Set your business up for success with the ability to offer custom videos to your clients. Don’t worry about the time spent putting it together or staying up to date on the newest programs. Your job is to press record and then send it over to us! We are able to handle any volume of videos you need!

Our Videos Include:

Clip Sequencing

Color Correction

Logo Reveal Placement


Song Placement and Key Framing

One Round of Revisions

Two Ways to Video:

Short Video

Creative Highlight

The Highlight reel is a fast-paced, condensed, all-in-to-one video of the entire day. We focus on sequencing an engaging video that’s compelling to any viewer. When building this video we use custom transitions, and pick the most gorgeous clips to make it captivating and inspiring! Our editors use their creative editing skills, mixed with your style preferences so it’s reflective of work that you’ve done before.

Starting at $299.99 (which covers the first 3 minutes or less)

Add $99.99 per minute for videos over 3 minutes.

Can be up to 10 minutes.

Long Video

Long Form Video

The Long Form is a more drawn out video, that is primarily for family and friends of the bride and groom. This video is more representative of the entire day, has a slower pace, and you can choose between a 20 minute video, or a 45 minute video. Often times we include the entire ceremony, toasts and special dances. This video is always linear in time. We start with the getting ready and establishing shots, move through the ceremony, the creatives, the reception, toasts and special dances, and end with the final bits of video from the dance floor.

Starting at $399.99 (which covers the first 15 minutes or less)

Add $12.99 per minute for videos over 15 minutes.

Can be up to 45 minutes.