Prime Edits

Two Ways to Submit Your Jobs to Prime Edits


One of the most frequent first questions that new clients ask us is how they can submit their photos. We’ve built a photo uploading system from the ground up with our clients in mind. Below our founder and resident software engineer will show you step by step how to submit a photo job to Prime Edits.


Submitting RAW/JPEG Files

Sending us RAW files is our preferred method to receive jobs. It gives our editors everything they need to provide our full line-up of services. The only downside of sending your RAW files to us is that they are big files that can take a long time to upload if your internet connection is slow.

That being said, we recommend using a tool like Speed Test┬áto determine your internet speed. The number you are most interested in here is your upload speed. That is the speed that you can send files. We find most of our clients have an upload speed between 8mbps and 20mbps. Those with fiber can see speeds at 200mbps+. If you run the test and see something below 5mbps don’t worry. You can still submit RAW files it will just take a bit longer to upload. It is worth checking out your internet provider’s options as well. Sometimes an upgrade of upload speed will just cost a few dollars more per month and save you hours of uploading.

This quick video below shows the process Dustin uses to upload a wedding the same night he photographs it.


Submitting Lightroom Catalogs

Lightroom catalogs are a great option if you are just submitting culling and/or color correction. They upload quickly and are also great for users with slower internet connections. The key to all of this working is generating the Lightroom Smart Previews. In the video below Dustin will show you how to create Smart Previews and upload your Lightroom Catalog to Prime Edits.