Prime Edits

What Are Your Hesitations To Outsource Your Editing?


1. No One Edits Like I Do


That is the best part about outsourcing your editing to your Prime Edits personal editor!  Your editor works one-on-one with you to learn your personal style and preferences. We encourage you to submit a handful of photos for your editor to “sample edit” and tweak until you feel like they have your editing style down.

While no one will edit exactly like you do, you may even find that someone could do it better than you.  You have a lot on your plate, and our editors have been extensively trained to make all kinds of edits, but at the end of the day, we want to make sure that it feels like “you”.

2. Outsourcing Is Costly

Have you considered that NOT outsourcing is too expensive?

You outsource other aspects of your life, whether you realize it or not. You admit that you need help in other aspects of your life when you hire a housekeeper, send your kids to daycare, take your dog to the groomers, pay someone to do your taxes, or simply order pizza on occasion, you’re outsourcing.

Why should you let your editing bog you down when your time and energy are best used elsewhere.  Is it worth missing out on events and spending time with friends and family because you had to do it all yourself? Editing takes time, and time is something that we never have enough of.

3. If I Outsource, It Means I’m a Failure

Outsourcing does not make you a failure.  Outsourcing means that you are growing a business and admitting that you need help to succeed and continue to grow.  Think of your personal editor as a partner who cares about your work and wants to see you succeed just as much as you do.

You may still choose to edit your own work during the slow season, or if you are only booking a handful of sessions, but the moment that editing becomes a burden and encroaches on other aspects of your life, it is time to consider outsourcing.

4. I Need To Be In Control

You are absolutely right, as a business owner,  you do need to maintain control. This is your business and you need to know what is happening at every point during the workflow.  It does NOT mean that you need to be the only individual doing all the work.

You can still maintain control while growing and expanding your business beyond yourself.  If you find the right editing services partner, they will support your editing style while still upholding your brand’s standards.

5. My Clients Will Think Less of Me

Just like any other business decision that you make that you believe in, it is all about how you present it to the client.  

If you decide to outsource any part of your workflow, own that decision.  Don’t act like it is a shameful secret. Your client will totally understand if you tell them, “I work closely with a professional post-production team to ensure excellent color and contrast in all of your final photographs!”

You are the expert and your clients came to you because they love your work.  Even if that means that you have to outsource some of your workflow to be the best photographer and business owner that you can.