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What Edit Level Should You Choose For Your Photos?

Here at Prime Edits we have a variety of photo edit types and levels for you to choose from because we know that every photographer’s needs are different.  We understand that it can be a little difficult figuring out exactly which edit level is right for you. 

Don’t stress too much about picking the right edit – your editor will review your job upon submission and make sure that the images that you have uploaded fit the edit type of edit that you have selected. They will discuss and confirm any changes with you before starting on the job.  To make things even easier, type some notes out in the “Job Notes” field when you submit your job.

We encourage you to go ahead and submit the editing job, even if you have no clue which edit type will be right. Getting the images to your editor will help them to help you to make the right choice in editing level and allow us to get going on editing your images even faster.


That being said, here are some helpful questions to ask yourself when you are considering a more advanced edit level:

Ask yourself these questions when submitting your images:


Does the skin need a lot of retouching?

Are there a lot of stray hairs that need removed?

Does the background need extended or filled in?

Do you want the subject to be slimmed down?

Does the subject need braces or glass glare removed?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions,  you should submit your images as Beauty Edits.

If you answered “no” to the above questions then consider these questions:


Does the image need dodge and burning?

Do you want some slight skin smoothing?

Does the image need a flew blemishes removed?

Is there any distractions that may need to be removed in the background?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should submit your images as Retouch Level Edits.


Here is an example of a Beauty Edit Level 2 courtesy of Larken Photography:

In addition to color correction and dodge and burning to make the subject stand out, these additional edits were made: